Wellington Hathshire
Secured Investing in the Private Credit Markets

Healthy Returns

WH’s dividend on its Class A Preferred Shares has yielded a 9.5% annual return since inception.

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Consistent Cash Flow

Dividends are disbursed to shareholders consistently on the 15th business day of each month.

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Secured Investment

WH’s AUM are protected by high ­quality real estate properties located in the city of Toronto and the GTA.

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Wellington Hathshire (“WH” or “the Company”) operates in the business of lending capital to qualified borrowers in the form of short ­term residential mortgages that are secured against the debtor’s real estate property. During this process WH collects operating interest income on its mortgaged assets under management and subsequently passes on these earnings to the shareholders of its Class A Preferred Shares. The oligopoly present amongst the major banks and financial institutions in Canada has created a private lending industry worth a staggering C$60 billion. WH has developed operations exclusively in the Toronto and GTA regions and today receives approximately C$500,000 in mortgage loan applications on a weekly basis.

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Our Portfolio

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Letter to our Shareholders

Dear Shareholder,

When I was 19 years old a family friend, also a Chartered Accountant, introduced me to the world of private lending. It immediately grabbed my attention and I became very intrigued and fascinated in the space. I had so many questions. I began my research and shortly after I purchased a book from Amazon.ca by Teri B. Clark entitled The Ultimate Guide to Private Mortgage Investing. Little did I know this book was about to completely change my life and how I saw the private lending game. I was instantly hooked and found my calling in life.

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